Rumi deep wisdom, meditation and the path to shamanism


“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”  ―
Quotes on shamanism and quotes on spirituality

Hello everyone,

I hope this little article find you well and joyful.

I love so Rumi’s wonderful spirituality. No doubt his beautiful poetry takes root in a deep practice of meditation. This quotes takes us once again to this place where categories and words no longer make sense, this moment when spiritual practices lead us to a path with heart beyond words. At such level of spirituality, these words from Rumi are totally applicable to shamanism.

There is another quote i love from Rumi which I find is quite complementary to the one above. It says , “I know you’re tired, but come this is the way”.

 Soul has a real langage different than mind and due to our modern world it’s not always easy to make the difference. There was a time in our humanity when our relationship with nature allowed or favored a certainslowness conducive to contemplation or “natural” meditation. We can find a bit of this idea  in the relation between Zen buddhism and gardening or cooking. Traditional farmers (not industrial ones) were also familiar with such natural practices but in the offices and the din of the cities, it become hard get to the point and we need to find, create, and conqueer time frame as well as new spaces and areas to proceed. It’s really important for our balance and health.

Since the modern world has raised its speed to turn us into full speed consumers and workers, the contemplative state must  be relearned somehow. Obviously society doesn’t have a great interest to teach us how to do that or even to create such spaces though meditation practices are showing more an more obvious benefits on our health, balance and life (many articles have been released latelty about this and you can find them easily just browsing around on the web). Ok, let’s be fair the fact is when we sit to discover the treasures of our soul and our inner truth, we are not consuming nore making anyone rich and that could be a decent explanation. The worse staying that very often when the society and the market starts to get interest into meditation, words such as  “productivity”, “efficiency” or worse “personal development” start to pop around, reduicing the whole effort to a way to make ourselves more producive which is exactly the opposite of what we should look for.

As a matter of fact we should just sit, learning how to seek, well, “nothing”… Meditation is not about efficiency and even the fact it increases our concentration and steadyness is a consequence and not something we look for so i always prefer to takl about raising consciousness or learning how to listen our soul. The idea behind it being to be able to follow this path with heart and conqueer our real freedom.

Have a great day full of light , joy and endless dances under the moon or the sun !



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