The harmony and the four elements in shamanism


“You are a miracle, and everything you touch could be a miracle”
Thich Nhat Hanh
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Buddhist Wisdom, harmony with the four elements

Hello and a very good day to you all

We hope this message finds you in good health and in joy.

Time flies, busy with a thousand thing to move on, as a funambulist walking on a tightrope of light, in the middle of universe’s winds and star dust’s clouds, seeking the balance and the spiritual elevation beyond the density of the matter. One step a day, climbing the mountain, trying no to stop too long along the way; importance of constancy. Who can understand the difficult dance of the shaman in the middle of the requirements and pitfalls of matter? The shaman himself. Busy seeking for the union and alignement in every moment between the human form and the light warrior. At the very least, may he be conscious enough to measure the distance from darkness to light, the long path still to be recover. Learning to let go even the let go. Open your heart, let the one being who came and returned through the cycles raise and guide any of your steps. Be in joy and in peace with the beautiful universe, blessing any shadow of darkness in the mirror before letting it go for each of them allows us to see the beautiful and true brightness of light.

Today we share a digital art and a spiritual quote from Thich Nhat Hanh, a wise and deep Buddhist monk.

For this Buddha made of water, fire, earth, air, we worked on the four elements that are the principles used for the creation of all things in our universe, and this in their various forms and manifestations from the most dense ones to the most subtle ones. Being ourselves made of fire, air, water and earth, it is very important to form the intent for these four elements to be balanced inside us, as much as they are balanced out there. “Elemental” Harmony is a primary foundation in the practice of Shamanism and the four elements are inner and outer key allies for the shaman. One of these next days, we will have to give some more details about this. Meanwhile, waiting for this to come and enjoying the fact not to have the mind packed of big words and complicated sentences, let’s move forward on this with your intuition and your heart opened.

May your day be beautiful, with lots of peace and light.
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