A beautiful zen poetry and a breathtaking movie to start 2015 in a good way


“Spring wind has begun to blow in the mountains.
Both on the peaks and in the valleys,
Various flowers are shining.”

Eihei Dōgen
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Hello everyone,

Welcome to 2015!

Today and to start this new year on this blog, I have decided to post a poem by the great master of the Soto Zen, Dogen Eihei!

Zen and Nature, Shamanism and Nature. There is a deep relation with Nature in both forms of spirituality:  the many faces of buddha, the many forms and manifestations of the Supreme Being or the great spirit. Of course as usual, there are also shades and differences but as you know, i always prefer to enfocus on the roots than to look at the colors of the leaves when it comes to  spirituality. In the silence of a deep meditation and in a silent lotus, there is never much things lefts as contradictions.

A few days ago, i also discovered a movie that is a pure diamond of the South Korean Cinema. Some of you might have already seen it and forgive me to repost it if so. The title of this movie is “Spring, summer, autumn, winter and spring” and it is from the South Korean director Kim Ki-duk. It’s a Zen Buddhist movie in a true sense and it’s being shot in a breathtaking magical place.

Not much to add about it  from my side, just that this movie is deep and sublime. You may enable english subtitles at youtube if you like though there are not much dialog. This movie can be perfectly understood anyway without them which is another beauty of it.

Long and happy life to all and an excelent 2015 again!

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