An alchemy of soul and heart


“He who does not believe in magic will never find it,” Roald Dahl
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Beyond what we perceive with our eyes and senses, there is always much more to see. Sometimes doors open and we can see beyond. We can then learn to see and grant the miracles that occur every moment around us. This may only last for a moment, sometimes longer, but we know then that the magic has touched us with the tips of its fingers. Nevertheless, having experienced it or not, we should never forget that wisdom is rooted in the acceptance of our own ignorance. For to keep learning and for ego not to inflate, we should always learn to go back to the zero point, which is our original state of creation when we didn’t pretend to know everything, to judge everything and to rule the universe.

At the end of the day, the only truth that remains is that we are much more than what we can perceive and therefore, we have a great responsibility in everything we do to others living beings, to ourselves and to the whole universe. It’s not a question of ethic it’s  a question of alchemy.

The same goes for any encounter in our lifes. All of them are always magical and obey to invisible rules that we do not always perceive in all their implications. So today, let me thank you all, magical beings, beautiful son and daughters of mother Earth, who are part of my journey, who have crossed my path or who will come across in the future. Thank you for being part of this sacred journey.

May your day be full of light, with much joy and songs in your hearts.

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