Give thanks


“Give thanks for all blessings already on their way”.
Native american Saying.
Native american wisdom, quotes on shamanism and spirituality.

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An alchemy of soul and heart


“He who does not believe in magic will never find it,” Roald Dahl
Quotes on shamanism and spirtuality, quotes about Magic, alchemy of soul and heart

Beyond what we perceive with our eyes and senses, there is always much more to see. Sometimes doors open and we can see beyond. We can then learn to see and grant the miracles that occur every moment around us. This may only last for a moment, sometimes longer, but we know then that the magic has touched us with the tips of its fingers. Nevertheless, having experienced it or not, we should never forget that wisdom is rooted in the acceptance of our own ignorance. For to keep learning and for ego not to inflate, we should always learn to go back to the zero point, which is our original state of creation when we didn’t pretend to know everything, to judge everything and to rule the universe.

At the end of the day, the only truth that remains is that we are much more than what we can perceive and therefore, we have a great responsibility in everything we do to others living beings, to ourselves and to the whole universe. It’s not a question of ethic it’s  a question of alchemy.

The same goes for any encounter in our lifes. All of them are always magical and obey to invisible rules that we do not always perceive in all their implications. So today, let me thank you all, magical beings, beautiful son and daughters of mother Earth, who are part of my journey, who have crossed my path or who will come across in the future. Thank you for being part of this sacred journey.

May your day be full of light, with much joy and songs in your hearts.

energy and shamanic healing, distant healing

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Shamanic Prayer of gratitude for the four elemental dragons: fire, air, water and earth


“To the four dragons fire, air, water and earth, in the seven directions of the universe,

We thank you for your presence within our being and outside, throughout the whole universe, in every thing and in all your forms, from the most dense to the most subtle,

We pray for you to be balanced within our mind-form so we can always dance in the light and fulfill our sacred mission,

We pray that you let us ride on your wings of fire, air, water and earth to reach the most far away places and worlds where Gods want to send us,

To the four dragons fire, air, water and earth, we thank you for your presence within our being and outside in the seven directions of the universe.”

Quote on shamanism, quote on spirituality, Gratitude prayer,
Importance of the four elements on the path of shamanism

Have a beautiful day with much light, joy and harmony.

energy and shamanic healing, distant healing

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The harmony and the four elements in shamanism


“You are a miracle, and everything you touch could be a miracle”
Thich Nhat Hanh
Spiritual quotes and quotes on shamanism
Buddhist Wisdom, harmony with the four elements

Hello and a very good day to you all

We hope this message finds you in good health and in joy.

Time flies, busy with a thousand thing to move on, as a funambulist walking on a tightrope of light, in the middle of universe’s winds and star dust’s clouds, seeking the balance and the spiritual elevation beyond the density of the matter. One step a day, climbing the mountain, trying no to stop too long along the way; importance of constancy. Who can understand the difficult dance of the shaman in the middle of the requirements and pitfalls of matter? The shaman himself. Busy seeking for the union and alignement in every moment between the human form and the light warrior. At the very least, may he be conscious enough to measure the distance from darkness to light, the long path still to be recover. Learning to let go even the let go. Open your heart, let the one being who came and returned through the cycles raise and guide any of your steps. Be in joy and in peace with the beautiful universe, blessing any shadow of darkness in the mirror before letting it go for each of them allows us to see the beautiful and true brightness of light.

Today we share a digital art and a spiritual quote from Thich Nhat Hanh, a wise and deep Buddhist monk.

For this Buddha made of water, fire, earth, air, we worked on the four elements that are the principles used for the creation of all things in our universe, and this in their various forms and manifestations from the most dense ones to the most subtle ones. Being ourselves made of fire, air, water and earth, it is very important to form the intent for these four elements to be balanced inside us, as much as they are balanced out there. “Elemental” Harmony is a primary foundation in the practice of Shamanism and the four elements are inner and outer key allies for the shaman. One of these next days, we will have to give some more details about this. Meanwhile, waiting for this to come and enjoying the fact not to have the mind packed of big words and complicated sentences, let’s move forward on this with your intuition and your heart opened.

May your day be beautiful, with lots of peace and light.
energy and shamanic healing, distant healing

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A beautiful zen poetry and a breathtaking movie to start 2015 in a good way


“Spring wind has begun to blow in the mountains.
Both on the peaks and in the valleys,
Various flowers are shining.”

Eihei Dōgen
Spiritual quotes and quotes on shamanism
Zen poetry and Zen buddhism,

Hello everyone,

Welcome to 2015!

Today and to start this new year on this blog, I have decided to post a poem by the great master of the Soto Zen, Dogen Eihei!

Zen and Nature, Shamanism and Nature. There is a deep relation with Nature in both forms of spirituality:  the many faces of buddha, the many forms and manifestations of the Supreme Being or the great spirit. Of course as usual, there are also shades and differences but as you know, i always prefer to enfocus on the roots than to look at the colors of the leaves when it comes to  spirituality. In the silence of a deep meditation and in a silent lotus, there is never much things lefts as contradictions.

A few days ago, i also discovered a movie that is a pure diamond of the South Korean Cinema. Some of you might have already seen it and forgive me to repost it if so. The title of this movie is “Spring, summer, autumn, winter and spring” and it is from the South Korean director Kim Ki-duk. It’s a Zen Buddhist movie in a true sense and it’s being shot in a breathtaking magical place.

Not much to add about it  from my side, just that this movie is deep and sublime. You may enable english subtitles at youtube if you like though there are not much dialog. This movie can be perfectly understood anyway without them which is another beauty of it.

Long and happy life to all and an excelent 2015 again!

Energy and shamanic healing, distant healing

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Happy new year 2015!


“Ten thousand flowers in spring
The moon in autumn,
A cool breeze in summer,
Snow in winter.
If your mind isn’t clouded by unnecessary things,
this is the best season of your life.”

Zen poetry
Quotes on shamanism and buddhism, spiritual quotes.

Hi everyone,

I hope everything shines your way. We just wanted to wish you a beautiful New 2015 with many good things your way, including joy and health!

If you have been applying for a energy health care, please be patient we are taking a fews days of rest and we will be back very soon.

Have a great day and an happy 2015 again.
energy and shamanic healing, distant healing

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Happy Winter Solstice and a lot of joy


“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” – Albert Camus
Quotes on shamanism, Winter Solstice

Hello everyone, Happy Winter Solstice!

What a joy to share with you today such a deep and wonderful quote from the book “the Stranger” by Albert Camus !

Today, we will celebrate the winter solstice in here around a sacred fire, following the shamanic tradition of our beloved mayan guides, the Quiché indians from  Guatemala. We will do it of course with great gratitude for this ending cycle and what it brought us and with a great joy for this new one that begins.

May your day be filled with joy, peace and light and may this new incoming cycle brings you  harmony, love and joy.

Have a wonderful day!

shamanic and energy healing, distant healing
shamanic and remote energy healing.

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The Zero point, a story about the divine truth from Shunyamurti

The zero point and the supreme truth

The zero point and the supreme truth

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about”. Rumi.

Quotes on shamanism and spirituality.
Divine place and divine truth

Hello Everyone,

When the supreme being, the spiritual path and the consciousness of the one walking it merge all together, then there is no space left between this being and the divine truth. At this point there is not even such things like two beings” left.

I know i have already been using this beautiful quote from Rumi but i really love it and anyway, it’s the one that needs to be used for this post so i hope you forgive me for that.Anyway it’s such a deep quote that it gives us another opportunity to meditate on it. Who are we really? What is such place? May the divine silence of our meditations takes us always to such beautiful places where noone and nothing really stands but everything at once.

For the rest, i hope you can sense the beautiful deepness of this video below. It’s an excelent way to help us go through some of the remaining illusions we may still have on our path. Now, how is this taking us to shamanism? Should i say again that from the place of deep and divine silence there is no such thing as two divine truths and no such things as dualism or arguing on differences ? No, we all agree on that, i have been saying it so many times on this blog that  i won’t say it again, at least today. :p

So this said who is Shunyamurti? It is a very special being, a yogi master that had a shamanic and spiritual dream once. He dreamed that it was great time to build a new world and, in a very concrete way, him and his studends are doing it. They are setting up a beautiful place here in Costa Rica to make it happen. It already has an Ashram and regular spiritual and yoga retreats are being organised there that people can join from all across the world. It will have a university, an eco-village and many other great things, all this in the pure wild nature of Costa Rica.

To be perfectly clear, as  busy with our energy medicine and stepping on our own spiritual path, we are not getting involved as students so that gives us the total freedom to express exactly and honesty what we feel about this project. And though we don’t like to make difference between this or that, in this particula case, i have to admit that Shunyamurti and his students are creating here what is with no doubt, the most spiritual yoga place i have seen around in a long time. But enough, that’s too much talk already, i let you check this beautiful spiritual video and story.

Afterwards, please check their beautiful global project and if you like it, please help them build a better world following this link. If you can, give it a push, this is a good opportunity and a very concrete way for you to help building a better world today.

Thank you for your time!

May your day be joyful and full of love,

Please remember spiritual growth is the beautiful challenge and opportunity God left into our hands. Beyond this world of matter that our five senses and daily mind are loving so much they often turn it into our own jail, we are non limited spiritual beings in a non linear universe Life is our gift, let’s use it to grow in light and love until our last breathing.

Much blessings.

Energy and shamanic healing, distant healing.

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Embedding the material into the spiritual


“There is a lesson in every grain of sand, but if we don’t learn, we may have to reincarnate.”

Quotes on Shamanism and Spirituality
Indian wisdom and reincarnation.

Hello everyone,

I hope this message finds you in joy and that life brings you the awareness of each  miracle taking place in every now, starting from each new breaths.

It’s been a while since I have not written but i follow up on energy healing and i maintain my daily practice on the shamanic path. Sometimes, time happens to miss a bit between the calls of the material world and the many hours required to maintain the practice but I would like to take advantage of this article to express my gratitude to people that apply for healing and come to us to receive our energy care. Thanks to all of you for your confidence and faith.

Very often, on the spiritual path, when we are in the midst of the material world and its constraints and not “enclosed” in a monastery, some imbalances can come and interfere with our daily practice. No matter how strong we walk our path and even if we aim to practice regularly  and in a sincere way, such imbalances may not even come from some strong calls from the material world but just come slowly into our daily practice. In many cases, it may start gradually with small concessions until the point when it sometimes expands and make someone  fall out of his path.

As a matter of fact the integration of the material into the spiritual can be challenging and what is true for the shamanic practice stays totally appliable to any other spiritual path. Nevertheless, in such moments, we should never give up and we should keep good hope and faith as to find a good balance is always possible. Ultimately, it is always a matter of getting organized and taking things right. Also we need to understand that as we keep practicing the path will become larger and the risk to fall down out of it will reduice, so let’s keep up and find ways to avoid some easy trap.

In our modern and western civilizations, we are used to store our different “activities” in separate “boxes” or “categories” but this way to picture things is of no help when it comes the time to apply it to the spiritual path. In a sincere spiritual journey,  being it, again, the shamanic path or any other one, everything is sacred and each step has to be grown in full awareness and in total alignment with cosmic and divine laws.

So what shall we do when the mind slips into the interstices of our spiritual practice and tries to catch back the illusory power it seemed to have already lost? No matter how advanced we are on our path, no matter how many days or  hours we have meditated daily, we may have to face that at one step or to deal with it.

When this happens, we should never forget that the spiritual journey is precisely a never endling stalking. Should we do it gently, we must indeed keep hunting down the mind process and the ego as most of the time, they will  keep pushing to entertain the belief that we are only this material body in a material world. And it’s pretty impressive how many efforts and strategies our mind and our ego are capable to put up to maintain or to regain control on the situation. They ll always do it using their imperfect “weapons” or “assets” that are also their main illusion: dualism, the five senses and their limitations and in the end the “heavyness” and laws of the material world where our ego and mind are somehow always trapped in.  The good news is we don’t have to fall into such trap as we are not only this mind and this ego.

In such moments when mind starts to empower again (or at least tries to), we will often find ourselves lying into self-pitty or trying to find excuses to justify our lack of regular practice. This behaviour is to be considered as a blessing since these small trends are easy to detect and are always the unmistakable mark of ego and mind trying to step back on the path to enroot again into the only world they really know, the material one. So please, let’s take this as a good sign that something needs to be worked out and as a very good opportunity to work it out.

donkey-and-carrotAnother very common pattern that often interfer with the integration of the material into the spiritual is the usual scheme: “effort / gratification” or the “carrot and stick” pattern. We are so fast to fall into it that most of the time we don’t even realise it. Therefore, to walk our spiritual path peacefully and expand our practice to all aspects of our life, to make the donkey disappear should always be one of our first priority. Let’s see how such pattern may make us fall into common traps that can hamper our spiritual practice.

In some cases, the “carrot and stick” pattern leads us to consider that our practice is just a “material activity” as any other one for which we need to create a “space” or a “time” in the material world.  In the “best case” we will try to make it happen outside of these “spaces” or “times” of effort / gratification, in the worth case, into the “spaces”, “area”, “times” dedicated to “efforts”, “constraints”, etc ! This second case is of course the most dangerous to maintain a regular practice or meditation as the material world and our current political and economical systems require from us a lot of energy. Therefore, we may find ourselves not able to find the motivation and courage to practice regularly if we consider our spiritual practice as an “effort” which is not. As sometimes we like to be gentle with ourselves, by the time we start to find gratification space-time to compensate. all our efforts, the day is already gone.

A good symptoma of someone lying into such pattern is the reaction i have heard many times when asking someone why he was not able to find ten minutes during his day to meditate and that consists for him in listing all the difficult things he has to face during his day. It’s like saying “with all the efforts i am already making, i have no times left for an additional one”. Of course in such cases, the list is never mentionning all the times one dedicates to indulge himself during the day and believe me we all do that, so surely there are some and it’s good too. The fact we look for daily compensations to indulge ourselves is totally anchored into our daily behaviours and is somehow legitimate, though the ego does it and maintain it. We just have to be honest with it and again this is a very good symptoma that maintaining the “sticks and carrot” pattern, we may have the tendancy to consider our spiritual practice as an additional effort to be made which is not. On top of it, such such angle is wrong in another way as to expect any “reward” or “gratification” from such “effort” would probably reduice it to what is is not. Again the spiritual path cannot be a way to get material “awards” and there is no awards to be expected in the material world for it. And if you think about it, you will find it’s pretty difficult for your ego to do something that is not in any boxes. It’s exactly what Zen buddhism calls “non doing”.

In the first case we mentionned  “our practice is just a “material activity” as any other one for which we need to create a “space” or a “time” in the material world out of the “effort/gratification” space-times”, the attitude seems to be more correct but that’s not saying we have escaped the “carrot and stick” pattern. Indeed, we can end up falling into the same trap if there would be on one end the efforts, the stress, the work, the hard time and on the other end, the reward, the well deserved rest, the relaxing time, etc. When all this is done, the time remaining for the spiritual practice might be reduice to zero time left so this way to approach things looks probably smarter at first but in the end the result may end up being the same. We need to escape the pattenr and the whole material thing needs to be integrated, embedded into the spiritual,

With regular practice we may open a third way and start considering our spiritual practice is totally integrated into the “relaxing” time or the time for “gratification”. That will probably makes your practice easier at first but again it’s not super smart to put in balance your spiritual path with other material activities that may bring you as well gratification. So let’s move ahead and break the scheme that consists in embedding the spiritual practice as a part of our material activity as in reality it is and it should be the exact contrary. We are spiritual beings into a spiritual universe. We come and incarnate into matter to live a spiritual experience. Our spiritual practice should the heart and the root of our awareness, and from this point, it shall expand into all aspects of our life. We have to break totally the “effort/gratification” scheme and stop feeding the donkey.

A good way to avoid these pitfalls is to make our spiritual practice a daily “discipline”, or a daily “use”, nore a gratification, or an effort. The Zen Master Taisen Deshimaru often said “our zazen (sitted meditacion) should be performed unconsciously, naturally, automatically.” You know we eat, we drink and we find times for all our natural needs, we don’t even think about not doing it. A discipline is something that we do daily and we don’t even think of not doing it. For this reason, it’s extremly important to practice daily, however short it may be, and from this “point, space and time”, we let the spirituality radiate throughout our life until it includes the whole material dimension and any moment or aspect of our life.  It has to be daily and it has to be a “disicipline”.

Another very important “tricks” is to find joy in your practice. There must be something joyful in all this though this does not mean a lack of depth. It could appear to be a sort of paradox but i promess you it can be solved easly by practicing daily and by opening your heart to faith and joy when you meditate.

One thing is certain, the path of spiritual elevation and awareness can not be paved with self-pitty and excuses coming from the world of matter, nore from this linear and illusory time we so often seem to miss; all these things that our mind is so fond of. There is always time to practice when one placed it at the very top of his life and only perseverance and consistency can allow us to take the full measure of its importance.

In moments of great awakening in the middle of a shamanic trance or a deep meditation, sitting at the center of our body and mind, open heart, deep and quiet breathing, no doubt can remain upon the importance of it: this light that radiates at the center of our being, this mirror in which the whole universe is reflected, this awareness of the Dharma himself, far beyond this ego and this body of flesh, beyond time and matter, leaves no room for doubts. And in those moments of grace and humility, beyond the five senses, standing in the middle of the mysteries of the non linear universe, we experience eternity, we feel the deepness and joy of the conscious cosmic energy and therefore no doubt can remain. We came here and incarnate to learn and to raise the infinite and eternal divine Consciousness.

This is a big responsability, this is also the most beautiful and profound experience, a space-time where no more questions or difficulties remain, only the infinite peace in the awareness of the eternal cosmic energy, and our mind and ego can try to resist with their dualist illusions and all the strength of their weaknesses, a warrior of light will never surrender to that.

Have a great day in light, peace, and joy.

Energy and shamanic healing, distant healing.

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Poetry, self esteem and love in a shamanic meaning


When I started loving myself” – A poem by Charlie Chaplin

When I started loving myself
I understood that I’m always and at any given opportunity
in the right place at the right time.
And I understood that all that happens is right –
from then on I could be calm.
Today I know: It’s called TRUST.

When I started to love myself I understood how much it can offend somebody
When I tried to force my desires on this person,
even though I knew the time is not right and the person was not ready for it,
and even though this person was me.
Today I know: It’s called LETTING GO

When I started loving myself
I could recognize that emotional pain and grief
are just warnings for me to not live against my own truth.
Today I know: It’s called AUTHENTICALLY BEING.

When I started loving myself
I stopped longing for another life
and could see that everything around me was a request to grow.
Today I know: It’s called MATURITY.

When I started loving myself
I stopped depriving myself of my free time
and stopped sketching further magnificent projects for the future.
Today I only do what’s fun and joy for me,
what I love and what makes my heart laugh,
in my own way and in my tempo.
Today I know: it’s called HONESTY.

When I started loving myself
I escaped from all what wasn’t healthy for me,
from dishes, people, things, situations
and from everyhting pulling me down and away from myself.
In the beginning I called it the “healthy egoism”,
but today I know: it’s called SELF-LOVE.

When I started loving myself
I stopped wanting to be always right
thus I’ve been less wrong.
Today I’ve recognized: it’s called HUMBLENESS.

When I started loving myself
I refused to live further in the past
and worry about my future.
Now I live only at this moment where EVERYTHING takes place,
like this I live every day and I call it CONSCIOUSNESS.

When I started loving myself
I recognized, that my thinking
can make me miserable and sick.
When I requested for my heart forces,
my mind got an important partner.
Today I call this connection HEART WISDOM.

We do not need to fear further discussions,
conflicts and problems with ourselves and others
since even stars sometimes bang on each other
and create new worlds.
Today I know: THIS IS LIFE!

Charlie Chaplin
Poetry and spirituality, wisdom and self esteem
Love in a shamanic meaning
Hello everyone,

Today universe brought my way for the second time (thanks to “mujer chaman”) this profound and enchanting poem from Charlie Chaplin and i have decided to publish it. Far beyond his mere comic genius, Charlie Chaplin has really been a beautiful soul with a big heart who has managed to convey through his work, his art and his writings a simple and authentic wisdom.

On top of the fact it is beautiful, this text is giving me the opportunity to talk about a few things of importance regarding self esteem, love and of course love in a spiritual and shamanic meaning. Indeed, referring to the title of this poetry and regard “self-love”, it is important not to confuse acceptance and adulation. It is unfortunatly an error anyone can fall in pretty easily as many time egos and it’s favorite tool, the mind, are taking back some words or sentences that were not originally directed to them to gargle in and finally stay hooked to their own illusion. This process makes sometimes difficult to stay on the right side of the line between self-esteem and narcissism; the worst form of illusion remaining somehow the one happening when narcissism takes the face of spirituality to offer a nice posing face to the world and seduice it. That gets pretty sad when it turns into a claim to be an example to be followed and even worse when the one that claims it is trapped himself in his own illusion without even realizing it.

I have quite a few examples in mind about some people fairly sure they are fully awake who keep posting every three days on Facebook new pictures of themselves “posing” , (often “selfies” which makes it somehow worse) and then waiting for the “likes” and cute comments to come. Though facebook is certainly not the best place on earth to set apart from narcissism but most surely the one to fall into it even more deeply, it always makes me laugh and sometimes feel sad at the same time when the same people keep using spirituality and pretend to show the right direction to people  when they don’t turn into lessons givers. I mean it is ok not to feel ready to leave the Ego things but in this case it would be better to leave on the side any spiritual ambition to lead anyone to nowhere. Again there is nothing worse than narcissism taking the face of spirituality to nutrish itself and to vampire people’s energy : “Oh, Mirror mirror tell me, who is the most beautiful, wise and humble, in the world?”

Honestly, noone would imagine the Buddha, Jesus Christ, a wise zen master as Taisen Deshimaru or a native Amazonian Shaman making selfies of themselves every three days, waiting for people to compliment them on their new hair cut or on their mysterious studied and sometimes photoshoped “far away” look… Let’s be serious about the spiritual path, ego and flattery cannot be at the center, nore seduction based on appareances or anything else. All the wise beings i mentionned have passed over and teached us about the illusion of the body, the kingdom of appearances and the poor coquetry. The cries or the calls of a children calling for attention and love cannot match with the spiritual path thought it’s an excellent way to separate fakes from authentic, Anyway, let’s be wise and take it as another challenge to practice compassion, realising how ego can be powerful and smart in wearing masks until fooling the ones that wear them…

Back to possible confusions between self acceptance and self adulation, self-esteem is important in every path of life, as well in any spiritual path. In this last one, the possible beginner’s mystake to start fighting his own ego in a too strong way and without compassion is even the best way to maintain it and to wander on wrong paths. “What resists persists” said Carl Jung, and we must treat ourselves with patience and compassion while avoiding at the same time, the pitfalls of self-adulation or narcissism.

Even in a strenuous spiritual path such as Zen Buddhism (that will always be for me the way of the Samurais) where one goes track down his own ego until into the pains that raised from immobility and long silent meditations, there is compassion. Another common mystake is to confused self-compassion with self pity and doing a zen retreat is usually a very good way to help one make the difference. I would even recommand it as a try and even asking for the kyozaku to help make the difference even more. Ok, i know… The zen path is surely not for anyone and they are also softer ways but whatever is the one chosen, we need to keep in mind that Ego and narcissism is like a super smart thing to fool one on the path. For this very reason I have always prefered the idea of self-acceptance or self-esteem and its indispensable ally: vigilance, to this idea that makes one say “i soooo love myself”.

“As long as you feel that you are the most important thing in the world you cannot really appreciate the world around you. You are like a horse with blinders, all you see is yourself apart from everything else.”

Carlos Castaneda, journey to Ixtlan, Don juan’s teachings.
Quotes on shamanism and spirituality

To tackle the subject of love in a shamanic and spiritual meaning, it is something that stands far beyond this one “love” closed to narcissism we were talking about above. Shamanic love roots and flows from the entire universe and goes back to it. Somehow, it just flows through us to be redistributed or gifted back. When we follow the spiritual path further, we discover that it is coming from “something” much bigger than this thing we have maintained for long and that we call Ego. We carry this “something” inside us but it is not being limited by the illusions of the ego, nor by the ones of time and space. This “something” does not die and is eternal. This is the source of all things, of all creations and all life. We cannot see or perceive it with the ego tools, nore the mind ones. One can not adequately describe it with words, they are not adapted to embrace the whole reality of it. The heart wisdom and openess is the key. Men have been calling it Dharma, the Eye, God, Sibo, the Great Spirit, the origin and the end, The Tao, the creator of all consciousness, the great consciousness, The energy, The intention, etc …

Whatever you call it, it exists in all its magnificence within us the same way it stands in any other living being, a human, a frog, a blade of grass in the wind, a fresh river flowing between the stones, and it is the source of true love. For this very reason, when speaking of love in shamanism, the right questions to ask ourselves should always be “Who’s Watching?” “What is the real source of our love, be it for ourselves or for others?” “Do we expect anything from anyone or in any way in return?” “What is this inside ourselves that loves?”

It’s a new day, a beautiful day. The sun provides its light, love and life equally to every living being on earth. It’s is a good time to open our heart and let it embrace and contain the whole universe and everything living out there. And from there, let’s make it a special moment to enjoy this joy and love we find inside and outside of us with a total confidence in its perfection.

The great Tao flows everywhere,
both to the left and to the right.
The ten thousand things depend upon it;
it holds nothing back.
It fulfills its purpose silently and makes no claim.

It nourishes the ten thousand things,
And yet is not their lord.
It has no aim; it is very small.

The ten thousand things return to it,
Yet it is not their lord.
It is very great.

It does not show greatness,
And is therefore truly great..”

Lao Tseu. Tao te king. La voie du Tao.
Confidence in the perfection
Quotes on shamanism and spirituality, profound wisdom
Love and shamanism

May your day be full of light, joy and wisdom.

Energy and shamanic healing, distant healing.

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