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Strenght and healing power of crystals and stones.

Some water rain, the light of the full moon, and some magic stones ready to be used for energy healing, for meditation or for dreaming. Here: Herkimer, Black Tourmaline, White Quartz, Crystal Ball, Citrine and Amethyst.  

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Energy and Shamanic Healing : the ferryman of souls

Ricardo is a man from Guatemala who came to me in April 2013 through a shaman woman leaving there. He was one of his neighbors . He had for long, extremely strong diabetes problems, combined with back and stomac problems … Continue reading

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A great documentary about shamanism and energy healing

I have seen this german documentary about shamanism a while ago. Some of you might find it a bit long but it really worthes watching it to have a good overview on healing with shamanism. It presents various medicine men … Continue reading

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