The Zero point, a story about the divine truth from Shunyamurti

The zero point and the supreme truth

The zero point and the supreme truth

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about”. Rumi.

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Divine place and divine truth

Hello Everyone,

When the supreme being, the spiritual path and the consciousness of the one walking it merge all together, then there is no space left between this being and the divine truth. At this point there is not even such things like two beings” left.

I know i have already been using this beautiful quote from Rumi but i really love it and anyway, it’s the one that needs to be used for this post so i hope you forgive me for that.Anyway it’s such a deep quote that it gives us another opportunity to meditate on it. Who are we really? What is such place? May the divine silence of our meditations takes us always to such beautiful places where noone and nothing really stands but everything at once.

For the rest, i hope you can sense the beautiful deepness of this video below. It’s an excelent way to help us go through some of the remaining illusions we may still have on our path. Now, how is this taking us to shamanism? Should i say again that from the place of deep and divine silence there is no such thing as two divine truths and no such things as dualism or arguing on differences ? No, we all agree on that, i have been saying it so many times on this blog that  i won’t say it again, at least today. :p

So this said who is Shunyamurti? It is a very special being, a yogi master that had a shamanic and spiritual dream once. He dreamed that it was great time to build a new world and, in a very concrete way, him and his studends are doing it. They are setting up a beautiful place here in Costa Rica to make it happen. It already has an Ashram and regular spiritual and yoga retreats are being organised there that people can join from all across the world. It will have a university, an eco-village and many other great things, all this in the pure wild nature of Costa Rica.

To be perfectly clear, as  busy with our energy medicine and stepping on our own spiritual path, we are not getting involved as students so that gives us the total freedom to express exactly and honesty what we feel about this project. And though we don’t like to make difference between this or that, in this particula case, i have to admit that Shunyamurti and his students are creating here what is with no doubt, the most spiritual yoga place i have seen around in a long time. But enough, that’s too much talk already, i let you check this beautiful spiritual video and story.

Afterwards, please check their beautiful global project and if you like it, please help them build a better world following this link. If you can, give it a push, this is a good opportunity and a very concrete way for you to help building a better world today.

Thank you for your time!

May your day be joyful and full of love,

Please remember spiritual growth is the beautiful challenge and opportunity God left into our hands. Beyond this world of matter that our five senses and daily mind are loving so much they often turn it into our own jail, we are non limited spiritual beings in a non linear universe Life is our gift, let’s use it to grow in light and love until our last breathing.

Much blessings.

Energy and shamanic healing, distant healing.

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