The Shaman, a self-reliant explorer of a magnificent universe

The Shaman, explorer of a magnificent hidden universe

The Shaman, explorer of a magnificent hidden universe

“The Shaman is a self-reliant explorer of the endless mansions of a magnificent hidden universe.”
Michael Harner
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Hello everyone,

Another great definition from Michael Harner, a great author on shamanism. I hope you enjoy the poetry of it.

Once engaged on the shamanic path , once entered in the shamanic world, the shamanism takes you to the wonderful shores of a hidden infinite universe that any book as complete it might be could never reach to express fully.

Out of his healing sessions and especially when doing ceremonies or meditating, the shaman and the medicine man receives continuously learnings and teachings from the endless and magic worlds he visits and from the great spirit, gods and guids he gets in contact with. Through these magical and wonderful experiences, he knows that Time is what will miss him the most to embrace and to receive even more and though he knows Time is a relative concept, yet it’s the only thing he does not want to lose. His deepest wish being to elevate himself more spiritually, to open more, to lose his human form and ego to connect more with mother nature, secrets spirits, rivers chants and birds singing,  to blend more with the beautiful cosmic laws he gets more and more familiar with along the way through his transes and meditations. And when he turns back into the material world his other wish is to share and help as from immemorial times shamans have always been at service.

To stay on his beautiful path, practicing and meditating, opened to silence and to gratitude, listening to a magic universe that reveals for him its deepest cosmic laws and its most wonderful secrets, to accord and reflect with an unfathomable and mysterious world that makes him feel at each moment, all the beauty of being, incarnated and embodied in the matter of this human’s body, soul and mind, and to stand in the infinite beauty of these magic revelations, this is the world of the shaman.

For this reason, the shaman just want to BE in the world and to breathe one time more, Each new day is a gift to him and so he receives is. He does not need to possess or seek for possessions. The only possession he seeks for are the ones necessary for its subsistence. Anything on top of it would be a reason more for him to attach to the matter. Energy is his realm. He’s grateful for the matter as it reminds him the importance of going over it to overpass his limited senses and perceptions, also because the incarnation is the way to learn to experiment and to feel, but to Be and to stay at service stays his greatest duty and joy.

Let us wish you a beautiful day full of joy  and peace.

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