Unify and purify the body, the mind and the speech to reach the One.


“Om mani padme hum” Through the practice and path of lotus, love and compassion, I cleanse my body, my mind and my words to reach the One ”
Quotes on shamanism and spirituality
A Buddhist mantra.

Hello everyone,

Today i intended to share with you my own understanding of this beautiful Buddhist mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum.”. I have put it together with a related design i finished yesterday and that i have called “about the lotus flower”

On the spiritual journey, differences or duality are to be overpassed in order to reach the deep roots of the spiritual practices and to look at them from the place where they talk about the same thing. In Buddhism and shamanism and having practiced both of them, the intention to purify the body, mind, and speech is the same in both practices.

In shamanism , “mantras” (these sentences or sacred sounds repeated several times to unify the body and mind) are not so commonly used though the voice and chants are in use in pretty much all the shamanic traditions to thank and express gratitude (to gods, ancestors, mother earth, etc ….) or to open the doors of the Spirit and get in tune with him.

About meditation, there are many ways to meditate for a shaman aside from some deep spectacular transes that are not happening in all shamanic traditions in such “spectacular” ways. Sometimes while watching a shaman from the outside, you wouldn’t even noticed he is meditating: he might do it sitting in front of a sacred fire, contemplating the nature, the clouds or the stars in the sky, or doing some housework such as cleaning the floor of his house, etc.. In Buddhism, the lotus position is the “privileged” position to reach enlightenment, but once practiced daily and once the path to the state of consciousness is being known, there are many opportunities for a buddhist to get into this meditative and contemplative state without having to sit in lotus: cooking, gardening, manual work or crafts (samu), cleaning, etc. So again here we talk about the same thing into both practices and path.

To conclude, i ll just say that there is no difference and no duality in the sacred place where stands the One, and there is no place where the One doesn’t stand. Many different forms, explanations or shades to finally learn to look at the same thing We have to go to the roots to understand the spiritual path and  as always the replies stand inside us.

May your day be full of joy and peace.
energy and shamanic healing, distant healing.

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