Shamanism: a path with a heart and a journey into a world of perceptions and energy


“For a rational man it’s unthinkable that there should be an invisible point where perception is assembled, and yet more unthinkable, that such a point is not in the brain, as he might vaguely expect if he were given to entertaining the thought of its existence.(…) He ignored, for instance, the fact that sorcery* was not incantations and hocus-pocus, but the freedom to perceive not only the world taken for granted, but every thing else that was humanly possible.”

Carlos Castaneda.
Don Juan’s teachings
Quotes on shamanism

* sorcery: read or translate shamanism or magic in the meaning of ancient Egypt or in the kabbal’s one.

Hello everyone,

Today I am posting a digital creation about both the “path with heart” and perception but also about relationships to the universe and to others while walking on this path.

It is sometimes easier to express things through graphic art or poetry than using “speech”, especially when it comes to perceptions that go beyond our usual senses. Art tends to fall less easily into the mind trap as when fed mind starts out to digest anything his way and reify it, invariably reducing the richness of perception and experience.

But please make no mistake, the things we are referring to are in essence very practical and do not lie into allegory nore on fantasy. We are talking about a concrete perception of energy and concrete experiences that come with the same strenght and reality than the ones we experience in the material world. We thank daily our human form, our dream body and our shamanic trance to allow us to experiment all this our embodied matter and sensations so we can try to translate and share these experiences into this good old material world.

Beyond the fact that Carlos Castaneda has been (and still is somehow) highly controversial, i often quote him because the beauty of Don juan Matus’ teachings remains, in my opinion, among the finest ever written about the spiritual journey in a middle of a universe full of power and mystery. Castaneda’s books never fully overlap the field of shamanism but much of his writing belongs to it and expresses in a lyric way and through simple words what is often pretty hard to describe or explain. Among other things that stands in the middle of shamanism, medicine is absent in his books. His warrior focuses and works on his energy and consciousness to strenght them and prepare himself to death: this moment where the Nagual will hope to pass beyond the emanations of the Eagle. In opposite, the shaman serves the Gods and through this, he puts himself at the service of men’s pains or suffering. Focusing on his objective, the Warrior of Castaneda crosses life and the world with a certain “ruthlessness” while one of the primary essence of the shaman’s mission is to keep devoted to healing. This is probably a little schematic and it would take time to put a little bit of shades into all this, but the truth remains in the background. One thing is sure the path of the Castaneda’s warrior is not overlapping the path of the medicine man.

To take back on our purpose and this Art, two things are of utmost importance in shamanism. The first is working on oneself and focusing on the development of energy, intuition, attention and perception. To get to this point mostly requires to open his mind and then to work on the inner silence and on the chakra of the Heart. Therefore, Shamanism is mostly about putting the heart at its proper and original place, this place he should always hold as a direct perceptual and decision-making center of our being.

The second things is about the relation to “others” while walking this path with heart. People’s fears (their own fears as well as the ones we may feel worry to suffer from their judgment), as well as the pressure of a society built up on such bad basis (profit, competition, consumerism, rationalism, materialism , ….) should never hamper our openness, our perceptions and our path. We have much to do ourselves on the path with our own mind and our own human form (ego) to take credits or to let go and empower projections, fears, pressures, from other. If they are not on the path, it is usually pretty difficult for them to understand what it’s all about anyway and they are rarely providing good advices when they lavish them through their critical sense and mind.

Of course, the point is not about blaming anyone and even wasting energy this way would be pointless. Everyone mostly acts with what he has being taught and the society in which we are living dedicates strong pressure and effort to print in each individual its own “worldview” and its own “programs”, starting during early childhood not to say right after birth. It happens this society pressure does not only spread through medias and TV, but priorily through education and people but for those who have chosen to open their mind to the real mystery of this world and to walk a path with heart, Freedom and release presume the strength to stand on the path without flinching under the onslaught of materialism or any social “morality” of action and perception tied to materialism. Shaman and warriors have never baught the totally made up “reality” of a materialistic world where individuals under tied control should be dedicated to consumerism and perceived what they are being told to perceived. That’s not matching with the path with a heart, nore with a real definition of freedom. Unfortunatly and very logically, people are often the best defendants and representatives of this made up reality through their own fears and sadly most of these programs to maintain, as any system aiming to control individuals, are fear based.

It looks we are living strange times which have not yet drawn any conclusions nore understood all the implications of quantum physics and new theories upon life and universe coming from certain branches of modern biology. Recent scientific discoveries start to measure concrete impact of Energy, as admitting our own energy power and its influence on the universe and others – the same old power used for ages and put into practice by the wisdom and ancient medicine – but society as always remains sort of late in taking conclusions on late discoveries, prefering to defend his own “truths”, knowing already they have turned into lies. (I’ll post more videos and articles about this soon). Anyway as a matter of fact, materialism is having a hard time to accept changings and of course as always corporatism comes to help pushing in the wrong direction. It starts in the universities where the rear guard put on the brakes to keep control over “their” territory of an illusory knowledge already out-of-date, it continues in laboratories promoting chemistry as the exclusive and unique ultimate solution to heal or feed the world, and so it stays in many other fields where consumerist and economic interests,as individual controls still rule.

Beyond all these brakes slowing down the spreading and acceptance of new ideas in people’s mind that would redefine the good old “reality” and that would probably help admitting that there’s something bigger out there, the more relevant in all this has been certainly for ages the limits of our five sense when it comes about perceptions that are not at their immediate scope without some work. These boundaries are strong to overpass and we have to deal with the fact that we are made ​​of this matter so hard to transcend to perceive matter for what it really is: energy.

In the end, the challenge remains the same: the crossing to rise our perception beyond the matter’s thickness and to be able to access the world of energy and the path with a heart. The first step as always will remain to stay open-minded and to accept the great mystery of this wonderful universe, hidden partially beyond our five senses.

Thank you for reading.

Have a beautiful and joyfull day, evening or night with much light wherever you are on this beautiful planet.

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