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” The men are part of Creation and shamanism is our way to reconnect with all this “

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We never know in advance how far we can go on a particular problem before starting concretely a shamanic and energy healing session. In many cases, we are able to solve heavy problems and nothing seems to limit this medicine, in others cases we cannot go beyond a certain point. In these last cases , the limitations we may face aren’t due to a health problem in particular, they are more like resistances that we feel concretely while doing the healing. In most of these cases, we feel that only the person has the power to achieve the healing process and to proceed, it appears something must be changed in his life (behaviour, habits or spiritual ” alignment “). This may also be ass well a work to be done on the “ego” and in such cases we deliver the message we receive and we do not move forward because it belongs to the patient to make this last move and not to us. We simply point out the changes to be done and the patient is free to engage them or not.

Such things can be of course be difficult to say as much as to hear, but on our end, we always have a responsibility to convey the messages we receive to give the person a real chance to walk a path of changing and to know the direction. Of course we do always hope sincerely that the importance of these messages will be understood and received as important keys of success in the healing process and on the middle run.

It is important to understand that during or after the shamanic care, the messages given by the shaman to the patients are not coming from his mind or his ego. These messages comes to him from a particular place and what he is being shown is never the result of a personal ” judgment.” or an assumption of what the patient should do. In reality, shamans have enough to deal with their own human shape to waste energy judging the one of the others and we are also very conscient that each human path is complex. As for shamans, the illness is a call from the universe or the gods to warn someone of a required changing, we always expect that this warning will be taken seriously. For the rest, as the sun gives its love and energy to all living beings on earth out of any distinction , the love and compassion that the shaman practice, embrace the whole and comes to him from the whole. He is a holly bone chanelling something beyond him, his ego and his mind, and hi personal judgment has no room into all this.

It may happen sometimes that patients are taking these things in a wrong way, especially when the required changes consists in a touchy thing concerning the “ego”. This is mainly due to of mirror effect as if what they hear would come from another ego judging them but really and once again , the ego of the shaman is not involved in the shamanic energy healing,, nore in the shamanic transe. We do nothing , the shaman does nothing. Something “uses” him. We call this something “God” , “the gods” , “the spirit” or “the intention” and all our daily spiritual work consist in purifying ourselves from our human shape and ego so that this “something” that transcends us can take part and act during the shamanic healing session. We are only a tool channeling this energy and “knowledge”. There’s no merit, no judgment and no ego but love for the patients in the need and the sincere wish that he will receive the messages that comes in as real instruments of changing.

For some patients, it can be quite difficult to understand all this, especially for those who are not engaged on a spiritual journey and it is often much easier to understand these things for native people or people coming from traditional societies since they understand the shaman position and work as a channel between the universe or the spirit and the patient.

In reality and for the records, even for us who are deeply involved on the spiritual path, working many hours a day to let go this illusion of Ego and the noise of our dualistic mind, we have felt sometimes into the same trap with our own guides, misinterpreting some of their messages because of this mirror effect and assuming their ego was involved. The lessons came later and we then realized our mystakes and the way all this process works .From the soul of the shaman to the soul of his guides, from the soul of the shaman to the soul of his patients, the Ego shall have no room and if it does, the heart needs to be opened to receive. Nevertheless and for all these reasons, we understand that it can be sometimes difficult for our patients to overcome such process.

In modern medicine , the doctor treats with his head and his science and deployed chemical weapons against localized problems to fix them. In Traditional and ancestral medicine , man is primarily considered as a spiritual being made ​​of energy, spirit and matter.
For the shaman or the energy healer, Illness or health troubles are the result of an imbalance state and a gap has been left between the original and normal condition of health and a misalignment of the patient from his own life path. In this sense and to help picturing it more clearly, the shamanic healing or cleansing is closer to the idea of miraculous healing done by the Saints than from the ones done through modern medicine. As a matter of fact, many shamans consider Christ as a great shaman able to connect with the forces of the universe and its laws to channel them to the soul and body of the people receiving his miracles.

More than bringing up and back health and energy, the shaman gives the keys of a global changing required for the patient to step back on his true path. The health and great energy output coming from such healing process should always be considered as a pulse giving the required strenght to walk the changing path. Though the healing may look totally complete, this fresh energy the patient can feel often open the way for a longer path of healing. In many cases , if no changes are engaged , the disease or the problem may return.

The true dimension of shamanic care and the depth of its action at many levels (body, mind and spiritual) might be difficult to perceive because the only frame of reference we got in the medical field is a man behind an office sending us to pass some tests, then depending on the results, giving us a receipt and a bunch of chemicals to finally send us back home until the next round. The Western civilization has split the body from the mind , the sacred and the profane, the spiritual and the material, the energy and the matter, putting each thing in different boxes with an expert in front of each. On the other end, the spiritual responses our societies are able to provided having turned a bit weak , we are often scarving in this field and New Age practices and market that have came in the middle with the ambition to fullfill our expectations and our thirst of magic, often provide answers made a bit of everything to end up nowhere and with nothing.

Anyway, to sum up on the way we look at our own health. the result of a man sliced into pieces with a possible targetted chemical response in front of each of the life problems he may face have driven people to look for separated answers in a list of experts that gets bigger and bigger year after year. Sadly and as consequence on the concept of “health”, many people still believe in the existence of a miracle pill that will fix everything, without having anything to change in their way of living. Unfortunatly, this illusion exists only in the fantasies of modern medicine and the drug chemistry lobbying and if both have met some great successes and proven themselves efficient in some cases, we all know they have been failing totally in some other cases, showing themselves totally powerless to deal with some deep problem on the long run when it’s not on the middle run. I am not even mentioning here the terrible secondary effects of some chemicals. Anyway this whole situation explains that patients in front of shamanism and its holistic messages may feel puzzled especially when that may concerned their lifestyle or worth a deep work to be done on themsefves.

The phenomenon is even more pernicious that when a changing arises at the horizon and we already feel better, we start to fall back into our good old behaviours and to forget the most important is still ahead for this comfortable situation to last. In the hell of pain and suffering a moment before the glow of well-being leaves us optimistic about the healing process and since it looks way better, we tend to pospound the remaining things on the list of the demanding shaman. The problem is again that the energy released by the shamanic healing and so-called ” clansing ” is an energy that the universe releases through the shaman to allow the patient to heal and this gift is to be used by him as a vehicle of changing. Efforts need to be engaged should they be in a gentle way for the disease not to come back and for the patient to align physically, mentally, spiritually and energetically on the laws of the universe in relation to his own inner truth and deep self . Beyond physical health, all this is really about self-accomplishment, well being but also happiness and it really worthes it .

Unfortunatly in case changes are required and nothing is being done when the patient returns we do not always have the way to act effectively again because the solution was in the patient’ hands and still is. The path was clear and the shaman does not have the power to walk it for the patient. If no effort were engaged, there is a big chance that we meet again the limits that we have found the first time. in a few words, the shaman’s work really ends where the one of the patient begins.

It is also really important to understand that authentic shamanism is out of “clientelism”. For us, and in the tradition of our elders and guides, money and expensive pricing list for healing cannot be part of shamanism since it creates a double dependency. We are commited to hold our own economic survival out of any dependency to our healing sessions. If our health care are subject to sufficient donations to allow us to devote more time to them then we do it, else we don’t. As spending many hours on each case, we of course always hope that patients understand the importance of donation. The donation allows us to spend more time healing and in the end allows more people to benefit from our healing sessions. It is the center of an exchange process where everyone is involved and where the energy shall flow Anyway, back to the responsability we have and this idea of clientelism, we don’t wish to have recurring clients to make it a living, we can not just as a doctor, close your eyes , repeat the receipt, through out an invoice and let the patient take another round until the next time without giving him a real chance to escape the traps that causes his desease and that might cause him worth problems if no changes are done. Shamanism has his two feet into spirituality and into holistic healing else it cannot be called shamanism.

In conclusion, patient engagement is essential in the healing process and in shamanic healing, the medicine man , the energy healer, the shaman only transmits what he sees, alway hoping that the words he receives from this dimension that transcends him to be heard and understood. The Shaman is concerned that his healing effort and the energy he dedicates will be a long term healing and not simply a short help for the patient to repeat the same mystakes. The natural authority that the medicine man had in traditional societies coming from the understanding of its position at the crossroads of universal , spiritual and energy laws has been diluted somewhat in our modern societies and into this idea of a patient “customer” who picks up bits of health from various specialists and experts.

Therapeutic addiction or patients’ dependancy should be the worth enemy of the real shaman as his energy should stay available for the many patients that God or the universe puts on its way. In this sense he has no “customers” but moreover he is not willing to have recurring customers. He is totally happy when people are healed and have step forward to engage the required changes to maintain their own health and their own balance. When this happens, the Shaman his mission accomplished in the light and in the will of the Gods.

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