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The path to heal and recover

The path to heal and recoverAs we have already stated, from the point of view of our natural medicine, but also from our concrete observations and experience, disease, illness, weakness, malaise, etc, are unnatural states which may be due to multiple causes : traumatic experiences, past or present, life injuries or shocks, stressful social life, complicated and stressful relationships in work, in private life, life rhythm, bad diets, energy intrusion, etc...).

The energy healer, the shaman or the medecine man assisted by his knowledge on energy and his natural allies, acts as an intermediary that restores balance and allows the person to heal and to implement its healing power but for the energetic care to work and to last, there is an important condition. This condition is the same for any medicine, be it modern, natural or traditional. First, the patient must agree to heal and must be motivated for that. Second, they must also be ready to accept that some changes are likely to be made in some cases to prevent their disease or problems from reappearing again in the future.

The path to heal and recoverThe healing path or the path for recovery is about this. It enables the patient to understand that same causes or conditions may always lead to the same bad effects. Healing occurs after our care, but to avoid relapse depends on the commitment our patient can make to change what may need to be changed in thier life. In other words, it is the magic pill that fixes any problem, and brings back a strong health in no time. The fact that one can follow up repeating the same mistakes that already led them to the disease is a dream or an illusion that no decent medicine could remedy. It's really important to avoid recreating those same conditions.

So surely, apart of course from problems caused by casual reasons (accidents, shocks, etc), health problems related to lifestyle, bad habits, addictions, mind patterns, etc or to repeated exposure to unhealthy environments, may require some changes beyond our energy medicine to be efficient and last in the future. Without agreeing on that, and without feeling ready to perform certain changes, your chance for your health to last will certainly be doomed to failure.

The path to heal
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