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Holistic medecine & energy health care : body, mind, energy and context

Holistic medecine & energy health care : body, mind, energy and contextOur healing approach is holistic. That means we consider body, mind and energy and even social life context as linked aspects to favour and sustain a good healthy and balanced life. For this reason, we always approach a problem, a disease, an illness, a malaise or an unbalanced state a patient may experience as a global problem to be addressed and solved.

Of course this does not apply to problems caused by casual accidents or shocks, and in such cases, we may act more specifically on the precise symptoma, but apart from such cases, it is rare, not to say it never happens, that a disease emerges without being related to multiple causes that have led to an energy imbalance. In our daily experience of healing, we often end up finding reasons behind the emergence of a problem that the patients themselves may never even have realised before coming to us.

When we say that our medicine is holistic, we mean that what can be seen or experienced by the patient at the body level, or at an emotional and psychological level, and what emerges at the surface as a symptom, a malaise or a disease, are almost always the result of a global imbalance where energy is involved in one way or another.

Holistic medecine & energy health care
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