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Testimonials & case studies

energy medicine Testimonials & case studiesFirstly, we wish to thank all the people that have testified on the results of our energy medecine and healing, as well as the ones that have accepted that their health path and recovery could be anonymously picked as an example of our health care and results.

We want to express an eternal gratitude to all of them for this, but also for having trust in our medicines, and for having undertaken a health path with us. We also want to express our gratitude and our love to them for having taken the decision to heal. It sometimes takes a real courage to proceed and it's always a great decision, so thank you to them for that too, and this said, good health to all !

Presently, we are just back from the area of Talamanca in Costa Rica and from a session of healing in the Indian zone and we couldn't review yet the testimonials we have already been sent. Please be patient, we are currently working hard to publish them very soon. If you are already part of our patients and you would like to send us a testimonial about your healing experience with us, please use the contact form on the site or emailing us directly. We will publish your message, your age and your country and (if you agree on it)your name.

Thank you again and good health to all!

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