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A powerful natural medicine

natural healing and energy medicineOur treatments and healing practices are based on an anthic medicine, inherited and taught for thousands of years now. Their roots come from the medicine practiced by the Mayan medicine men and shamans for over 4000 years ( -2000 years BC).Our health care is focused, and prioritised on reinforcing the energy strength and balance in the individual, as many natural medicines from Asia (acupuncture, Reiki, Chi Kung, pranic healing, etc ... ) but also as many traditional and natural healing methods, regrouped under the name of shamanism. It also runs an holistic approach of the patient and their health to act at each level: physical, psychological, and energetical.

Heal yourself thanks to a powerful traditional medicine

To proceed and to heal, we only use natural elements and gifts from mother nature. No chemistry. We practice energy healing through our hands (dowsing), we use our knowledge of plants and some other natural allies such as crystals, natural essences, etc..., and most important, our ability to diagnose, to view, and to act upon the energetic human fields.

Like many traditional healing practices, our medicine has been overshadowed by other forms of modern medicine that bring some awesome results in many cases, but not in all, and although we do not claim to be a substitute for modern medicine, our health care can provide more than a significant complement for healing.

A powerful natural medicineTo date, our treatments have indeed shown results that have suprised more than one patient facing unsuccessful results from other forms of therapy or medicine prior to contacting us, and that ended up being healed thanks to our health care. In many other cases, our medicines also got to quickly relieve pain and health problems for some of our patients that were following unsuccessfully, other treatments for years.

To bring some more water to our mill if ever needed, we also want to emphase on the fact that even before the birth of science, the form of medicine we practice was operating with proven results on many health problems and for thousands of years. It has been chased for long, misunderstood for long. It has been assimilated sometimes through other forms of doubtfull practices, mainly by ignorance, but it has survived and we are proud of our inheritance. Nowadays, in some areas of our planet where modern medicines have not yet entered, or in some other areas where people can't afford to pay for it, traditional medicine and natural healing remains the only medicine for people, proving highly effective in many cases.

Lastly, while looking around the web, you will also find a number of examples, videos, and testimonials from people who live in developed countries with problems that modern medicine declares unable to remedy, that have been healed with efficiency and in a short space of time, for example, the amazonian forest, or in any other place where they could find a traditional medicine man.

For all these reasons, and from what our own healing experience has shown us, the power of traditional and natural medecine should never be underestimated. Our healing methods have transcended time and today, it's a great privilege and pleasure for us to offer it to you, thanks to this amazing internet tool.

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