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Due to the large amount of requests and due to the time required for each person, we ask our new incoming patients to please ensure that their problems are real and serious, and that their subscription is motivated by a genuine willingness to undertake an honest and sincere healing path. We thank you in advance for helping us spend time healing people that are really in the need to be healed. If you haven't done so yet, and before completing this form, please read also the page « distant healing users' guide » avant de remplir ce formulaire.

If you are just curious about the results of our medicine but you don't really have yourself a particular health problem, please look around you and in your immediate surroundings, you may find there is a friend or a relative that really suffers, and that really needs help to heal or to feel better in their lives. After you have found such a person, and we are sure you can find one, please give them the url of this online form or of this website ( They will thank you afterwards for having done so and this way you will have done a really good deed while satisfying your curiosity.

That said, and to any incoming people in need to recover health or to feel better, you are more than welcome to complete the following form. It takes courage sometimes to enter in a healing process and we would like to congratulate you in advance for doing so.


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