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About us

About us online healer and Medicine manWe are a group of healers from several countries across the board (mainly Europe and Central america) whose common roots are traditional energetic and shamanic medicine. We have our operational base and health center in Costa Rica but we also travel across the world to heal or give conferences whenever invited. At our online center, depending on each patient problem, we pick the most appropriate healer between us ; our only goal being to heal our patients with efficiency and to provide them the most adapted care for a better health and for a happy and balanced life.

A bit of my Profile & Biography

As for me, I am 46 years old . I am from Europe and I am French. Some time ago , I met a Mayan Indian from Guatemala, an elder, a medicine man aged over 95 years old. He became my instructor and through him I met other shamans and energy healers from Guatemala and from the indian communities. This awesome wise man has been a shaman for over 80 years, and he revealed to me, that I was born a shaman and I was holding this awesome gift inside me. He taught me how I could heal people with my hands, and how I could perceive and « view » energies in people to heal them. Maybe I should say that he has awakened me, and that I had just fallen asleep, because many things and techniques started to flow from me as I was moving along this path.

I have to say, that I have been surprised by this gift, though I was really willing to do something useful, and to help others for long time. I was involved in a spiritual path that was slowly leading me to put myself at the service of others, but that was far away to shamanism. On the healing side, my plans were going to ericksonian therapies and I also felt attracted to healing methods such as Reiki but I was not yet involved in this, and I was planning a slow turn.

medicine manSince this gift and healing power has been revealed to me, my life has changed completely. I had to let go many things and to switch totally my way of living. I quit my home country and I have left many things behind me to follow up and to embrace the medicine man path. Right after this healing gift was revealed to me, patients also started to come to me in a never-ending queue, from my closed friends, to the most far away and unexpected person, thousands of kilometers far from my place. Therefore, I have been healing people every day in Europe and at the american continent (in the indians and the white communities). Recently, i have been in the costa rican indian area where i began healing numbers of indian people, including some very loud cases. My life has really turned out to be a living dream. Each day has been a gift.

Along the way, i have never stopped following my beloved mayan instructor and wise man and he keeps veilling my dreams, my care and my days. I have also added to his teachings, traditional healing methods from the Native north American indians. My guide for that is a faboulous medicine man that has been healing for over 40 years, and that has allowed me to expand my knowledge and my health care into crystals and to other more specific Native American techniques and practices (Since then, I have travelled to several places to meet other shamans and medicine men).

healing gift medicine manBefore all this, and long ago in Europe, i gained a Phd in human sciences and anthropology, learning on ethno-psychiatry, Psycho-therapy, Ericksonian therapies and changing methods from the Palo Alto school. I have also studied shamanism, but without practicing it back in these days, calling for an instructor that took a while to come to me. On the philosophic, spiritual side and for a long time, i also practiced various forms of energy work & centering techniques (Chi Kong - Tai Chi Chuan - Zen meditation ). I didn't know back then that I was beginning to prepare for the new life that was just waiting for me at the next corner.

To me, this healing gift and this revelation is a total blessing and i just focus on one thing for now; to help and heal people. I have now become a medicine man. This is what I am, a healer and my dearest wish today is to be of service.

Hope to meet, or help you soon.

Love, joy and light.

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