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and based on donations
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A medicine « donation based » and opened to everyone.

An energy medicine «  donation based  » and opened to everyoneWe'd like to thank all our patients that have already been healed, and that have contributed for their donations, and we also want to thank in advance, all our incoming patients for their future contribution.

Historically, medicine men, shamans, and traditional healers have been present in every human community and they have healed without discrimination, the poor and the rich, the one with power and fame, to the most humble and simple. For the medicine man and the shaman, healing is a gift he received from God (or the Gods) and his mission is to share this gift by healing people and relieving their pain.

For this reason , this medicine is based solely on donations or contributions the patient decides upon after having received the health care. Anyone can do it, and can scale their participation depending on their economical possibilities and resources.

As healing takes time and energy, (we spend on average between five to eight hours for each patient only at the first stage, split into four to five sessions of one hour and a half) it is of course obvious that these donations and contributions are important and crucial, as they allow us over time, to help more people and to spend more time healing.

So thanks again and in advance for your donations.

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