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Energy healing & shamanic health care

Energy healing & shamanic health careOur natural medicine is almost the same as that which was already being practiced by the first shamans and medicine men thousands of years ago, It has been the very first medicine practiced by humanity and it's still being practiced over the years until now thanks to traditional transmission and teachings.

It has been an established fact that for a long time, beyond our experience of a universe made of matter and beyond what our eyes and our senses tell us, at the atomic level, that we are made of energy such as the whole universe. Our health care is based on the energy available in the universe and in nature and its healing powers. Healing practices such as Asian medicine, Acupuncture, Reiki, pranic healing, chi kong, have also been very familiar for long time with the use of such energy to achieve quick results on health. Our healing methods present some similar approaches to all these medicines, though it also presents some important differences. We approach our energy care through hands' dowsing, but we also use natural elements and alliances such as crystals, natural oils, plants, and other energy techniques. This makes our medicines totally natural and ecological. It's totally respectful of nature as much as it's respectful to the individual in all aspects. Love, compassion and a non judgemental approach of our patients are also central components of our practice.

It is important to understand that in accordance to energy medecine, and also from shamans' concrete observations, that health is the natural state of human beings. In this sense, diseases, illnesses, malaise, etc are unbalanced states that are the result of a number of circumstances. The reasons of these unbalanced situations, in terms of energy medicines and shamanism can be multiple and they may result or appear in the body, in the mind, in the emotional state, etc, and they always have a main root in an energetic reason to be solved prior to anything else. For this reason, no matter of the emergent problem and its location in the body or mind, we always focus on fixing first, the energy strength and balance of our patients.

The Shamanic purification and energy cleaning.

Energy health balance and energy cleaningThe shamanic purification consists of taking away all the parasitical or external energies that have accumulated or grown over time in your energy field, and that may have caused damage to your health balance or well being. These energies may come from other people, from some unpleasant or traumatic experiences, but they may also be from other origins not related to any previous cause.

By keeping these energies' influences in ourselves, our strength and health often become more weak, and in some ways, these parasite energies don't allow us to benefit from the maximum health, happiness and energetic balance we may expect. The shamanic purification aims to remove them. It has a great effect on health, brings much more strength and balance for the mind and body, but it can also prevent potential diseases or problems from appearing in the future.

As mentioned, health is our natural condition and any individual has an inner power to heal themselves. Diseases or illness are just an unusual situation to be rebalanced for health to reappear. It is often the modern lifestyle and the circumstances that surround it - stress, unnatural rhythm and life, life shocks or accident, relationship problems, hard life context at work, etc - that take away or compromise our balance, our well being and our health.

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